Personalized analysis of DNA test results for genealogy and ancestral origins

We offer unique data visualizations that put a powerful new tool into your hands, to see the patterns of connection among your DNA matches, and recognize the matching groups who share your ancestors.

If anyone asks for references send them to me. I use my diagram daily, it simplifies identification of family groups and how they all connect to each other. I am beyond happy that I had one done.

Laurel Wilson

Data Visualization Products

Beautiful color-coded Matching Group Network Diagrams

We’re now discovering how Shared Matches lead us to the matching groups that share our ancestors. The key matches who have a good public tree will help to identify how we’re related to many other members of a matching group who we’d otherwise never be able to place.

A map of how your matches match one another is a powerful tool that shifts our perspective, allows us to see new patterns, and opens new horizons for even the most experienced genealogist.

Your color-coded Diagram is most useful with a Table listing the matches in it, arranged by Matching Groups.

Your Match Table includes each match’s name and admin, amounts of DNA shared, and — if data is from AncestryDNA — ethnicity estimates, as well as any notes you have already made on the match in your account.

You may wish to get started economically by first ordering your diagram without the table, but I strongly encourage you to come back and add the table when you can.

For some background, please have a look at these great blog posts by Blaine Bettinger:

Due to high demand, please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery of Data Visualization products.

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